Secure Payments

Here at Coffee Spares direct we use Square to process our payments online and details taken over the phone. We find Square trustworthy, transparent and easy to use.

You can securely order online or by phone- cards we accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Square use end to end encryption to keep your details secure

Square is PSD2 compliant - PSD2 compliance requires payment services to use strong customer authentication (SCA) for online payments

Just before PSD2 went into effect, Square officially announced that it will comply with the new directive and carry out strong customer authentication checks for online merchants when European cardholders make a purchase.

Updates to Square’s Payment Form and Connect V2 APIs enable this verification process, which provides Square with additional information about a cardholder making an online purchase, such as their name and billing address.

Square’s APIs automatically apply for any applicable SCA exceptions, including those for low-value or low-risk transactions.

Since this step occurs quickly and discreetly in the background after someone initiates an online transaction, merchants can comply with PSD2’s strong customer authentication requirements while still providing customers a frictionless online shopping experience.

If an exemption can’t be found for an online transaction, Square’s APIs will ask cardholders to verify their identity by completing a challenge that uses at least two of the three authentication points outlined in PSD2

For further information - https://squareup.com/gb/en/security