BWT Water Filters

Water filter systems from BWT ( Best Water Technology ) Pioneering water treatment solutions from BWT can be found almost everywhere there is a demand for a high-​quality water supply: whether in private households, trade and industry, pharmaceuticals and biotech, hotels and hospitals, or local and city authorities.

BWT work continuously to develop processes and products that achieve the highest water quality for a wide range of different applications. Our use of state-​​​of-​the-​art technologies, our innovative spirit and our ecological, economical and socially responsible approach are our hallmark

BWT Water Filters we supply have different applications as follows-

BWT BESTMAX- Hot and Cold Beverages, Bakery, Kitchen

BWT bestmax is the simple and practical all-​round filtration solution developed for the numerous requirements in gastronomy. For unique coffee water, ideal water for vending machines and optimal pure steam for ovens and combination steamers. Thanks the new High-​Efficiency-​​Technology (HET), water optimisation is even more efficient. The result: consistently high quality of all hot and cold beverages in cups and mugs, in the kitchen and in the bakery, for all foods and baked goods.

BWT BESTMAX PREMIUM - Hot and Cold Beverages
BWT Bestmax PREMIUM, an innovative filtration system for use in the hospitality sector, optimises water straight from the tap. Any extraneous constituents, including calcium, particles and taste-​​impairing substances like chlorine, are removed from the tap water. The filter cartridge with its Magnesium Mineralizer technology enriches the drinking water with precious magnesium to create perfect-​​tasting hot drinks.

BWT BEST PROTECT - Steam Generation, Combi Steamers, Ovens, Steam Cookers, Hot and Cold Beverages
BWT Bestprotect is a filter solution for water with special properties. It not only prevents the formation of lime scale and gypsum, but also ensures a consistently high pH value.

BWT thereby protects the valuable machine technology from deposits and prevents corrosion problems on stainless steel parts. Moreover, this filter system delivers water with top sensory characteristics for producing high-​quality hot beverages.

BWT BESTCLEAR -  Commercial Dishwashing
BWT bestclear is a special filter solution designed to achieve outstanding dishwashing results. Today's restaurant and catering guests have high expectations. They attach great importance to quality, service and perfection down to the last detail. Restaurateurs and caterers who take these demanding standards seriously can turn to the BWT bestclear filter system as an innovative tool for dishwashing technology.