Bilt Oscar 90 Water Softener Pouch.

The Bilt Oscar 90 is designed to be submerged in the water reservoir on coffee Machines, usually manual fill.

The simplest and most affordable water softening solution for any reservoir espresso machine. Drop one of these in the water tank for months of perfectly softened water.

The OSCAR softening pouch is an ionic exchange water softening pouch that can be used with any espresso machine running on a reservoir. The pouch replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. The OSCAR pouches are rated to last between 4-6 months, depending on machine use. We recommend checking the water from your group head every couple of months to ensure the pouch is still active.

Through the osmotic process of the saline solutions, it removes calcium and magnesium ions from water, causing scales inside boilers and heating elements.

It can have different forms and dimensions up to guarantee various demand.

Oscar 90 Capacity - 1540 Litres depending on water quality - for water tanks maximum 2 litres.

Dimensions - 120 x 100mm

Pack Quantity - 1 pouch

How to Use Oscar 90

The optimal use of Oscar requires few and very simple steps:

    Remove Oscar from its transparent and protecting wrapper;
    Once the plastic has been removed, wet with cold water to activate the silvered granules;
    Lay down Oscar into the empty bowl (the water’s container for your coffee machine). Fill with water up to the desired level.

As water interacts with the resin microspheres it will be subjected to the osmotic and magnetic softening process, starting to transfer calcium and magnesium ions having back sodium ones

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