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C150 Purity C Brita Cartridge produces optimised water for your espresso machines. Great for very light commercial or the home Barista.  The quality of your water will depend on the volume / length of time the filter will last.

The Brita Purity C150  produces Consistent water quality, the innovative filter head ensures simple, flexible and reliable operation. Filter heads are available below if you have not got an exiting head, available in fixed 30% bypass or 0-70% adjustable. Choosing the correct cartridge and head depends on the quality of your water. This is best done by a simple test. We can advise which Brita product would be suitable by your results.  TEST KIT.

The Purity Quell ST range are perfect for coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold drink vending machines as well as combi and conventional ovens. By means of decarbonisation, the scale deposits in the upstream appliance are reduced and heavy metal ions are retained. The PURITY C Quell ST cartridges are available in four different sizes.

C150 Capacity -

40% Bypass - 3408 Litres

30% Bypass- 2086 Litres

No Bypass - 1505 Litres

Dimensions including head - Height 420mm x 117mm Width.


Prefiltration - The prefiltration fabric reliably retains coarse particles, such as sand.

Carbonate Hardness Reduction -The PURITY C Quell ST filter medium specifically reduces carbonate hardness. This helps to prevent unwanted scale build-up.

Activated carbon filtration - All the water –  including the by-pass water  –  runs through a BRITA activated carbon filter. Unpleasant tastes and odours are eliminated

Fine filtration-  At the end of the filtration process, a fine filter retains particles as small as 10 μm.

Maximum Operating Pressure - 8.6 Bar - +4 to+30°c

Brita Part Reference - 1002045

If you are unsure of the water filter you require please contact us. We will happily assist you in selecting the correct filter for your application.

We offer a large range of espresso machine spares and accessories to include water filters, Barista supplies, tools and cleaning products.

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