Espresso Machine Cleaning

  • 03 August, 2021
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Keeping your espresso machine and coffee grinder clean is  important for great tasting coffee and also keeping your equipment is good working order, minimising in breakdowns and ensuring your machines have a long happy life.

Espresso machine Cleaning.

Obvious areas to keep clean are visible such as the steam arm where milk deposits will start to oxidize rapidly, effecting the quality of your drinks. Puly Milk Plus Liquid is an ideal well priced product to keep you steam arm gleaming. For a more cost effective alternative Lujo Clean dissolvable tablets which are just as effective.

Cleaning the Porta filter handle is just as important. We suggest this is done part of your daily routine. The porta filter handle is soaked in hot water with product such as Puly Caff Professional Cleaning Powder of which is available in handy tubs of 900 Gram, 570 Gram, 370 Gram or alternatively in sachets or in tablet form. These will all clean your porta filter handle, choose whatever fits best to your routine. Remember not to submerge the handle especially if wood!  Puly Milk Green is also available non harmful to the environment in recyclable packaging

These products can be also used to back flush your espresso machine which is equally important. This cleans the boiler and heating elements – part you do not often see but need to be kept clean. ( your espresso machine requires a 3 way valve to do this process) See our other Blogs for back flush instructions.

One handy tool we sell is a steam cleaning brush to keep your espresso machine clean and shiny. Manufactured by Joefrex the steam brush attached to your steam wand allowing you to clean the most hard to reach areas on your espresso machine with the flexible hose. Keep everything polished with the Joefrex Barista Cloth set. We love these cloth sets as they have an integrated eyelet and snap hook !

Remember do not over look to keep your jugs, thermometers tampers etc all clean and sparkling! 

Full range of Espresso machine cleaning and grinder cleaning products available


Check out our other posts for back flushing and keeping your grinder clean which is often overlooked


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